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  • Rebranding, the organization of a UK event, an English Outlook about Ukraine and other updates

    Cossacks IT are mastering new areas – country PR and events on external markets. This time we are partnering with Emerging Europe and helping in the preparation of Outlook about Ukraine (Printed and Online versions) and an event networking seminar – meeting of Ukrainian IT companies with local businesses.

    It was a great ride of more than 3 months of preparation, communication with companies and experts. We were responsible for gathering a group of Ukrainian companies for the event. The event is next week, I will get back to you with my impressions and photos.

    We also did rebranding for the event. Or, rather, extra branding, creating new banners, leaflets and, most importantly, our new company mascot!

    Please meet, IT Cossack, the right choice.

    Proactive and innovative. Dynamic and responsible. Honest and easy-going. Real IT Hero.

    Ukrainain IT Cossack (more…)

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  • IT Crusade from Ukraine to London for Clients – Open for Applications!

    Attention, there is an unprecedented campaign on PR of Ukraine in the UK. You have the chance to take part in it too!

    Emerging Europe

    Emerging Europe company together with the Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Global Sourcing Association:

    1. Gathers more than 50 experts, who will write expert articles about Ukraine whole 3 (!) months! They are already busy, you can read some here: The result is an increased interest in the country. Experience shows that with such an information wave even normal newspapers and magazines start writing about the country in focus. Great chance to discuss not war and corruption but real business opportunities.
    2. Publishes these articles in a glossy magazine (with an online version) and sends all this beauty to the leading companies in the UK!
    3. Organizes a conference in Ukraine for politics and big business of all spheres. Strategic things and really big projects will be discussed there.
    4. And the icing on the cake! At the end of the series of events, there will be a networking seminar on IT Outsourcing in Ukraine.


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  • Matchmaking companies in Ukraine and beyond

    Hi everyone. Long time no speak, and probably it is a good idea to tell you what we are here at Cossacks IT are busy with.

    First, almost a couple of months ago there was a great event, Outsource People, in which Cossacks IT also took part. This time we engaged into a project of Matchmaking, aiming at attracting foreign visitors to our conference. We established partnerships with Finnish, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, American companies to promote this event locally, and a half-a-year job was done. It resulted in not so many visitors from abroad, probably because conference on IT outsourcing is not a powerful enough stimulus to come to Ukraine. The conference was great, however, it is really a gathering event for our local IT community. And next time I am sure it will also become more interesting also for our foreign guests.

    My husband was playing Gandalf. Since he is a fan of Lord of the Rings, it was a lot of fun for him. Marco is a Dutchman, who is providing English lessons and introduction to European mentality for local IT teams in Kiev. So, no more words, just photos: (more…)

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  • Flying Dutchman – English courses for IT Teams

    Cossacks IT is proud to introduce our partner, EU native, Marco Koonings, who provides insights into European culture and inspires fluency and ease when speaking to your international clients.Marco Koonings English Teacher Native Speaker Kiev 2

    What we offer:

    Removing psychological speaking barriers. Almost all IT guys read and write English, but are shy to speak. Through our fun and easy-going conversations we learn how to overcome this.

    Learning more about other cultures. I am Dutch, a EU citizen, with great experience of cultures around the world. And I am happy to share.

    –  Team building through English speaking classes. People get closer by sharing ideas and discussing various topics that are not related to the immediate project needs.

    FUN. Great fun while sharing ideas and learning to express yourself in another language guaranteed.

    About Marco: (more…)

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  • BDMSummit in Kiev tomorrow – let’s go?

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    We all are solving one and the same problem – reaching external markets, making ourselves heard, selling our services and solutions. Sometimes it is nice to gather together – to learn some new tips, interact, see each other and share our knowledge.

    Tomorrow in Kiev there will be a conference BDMSummit (

    For whom?

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  • Where do YOU want to be in the next decade?


    workshop promo3 JUNE, KYIV

    Speaker: Hugo Messer

    Remote team expert, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

    A couple of words about Hugo:

    • Hugo Messer has been building and managing teams around the world for over 10 years.
    • He is the owner of Bridge Global, a global software powerhouse and the founder of, the global marketplace for software teams.
    • He wrote 6 books about managing distributed teams.
    • His passion is to enable cooperation between people from different cultures, geography and time zones.


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  • 1 workshop, 2 conferences, 1 new community and videoblog: concentrated news from Cossacks IT.

    Hi everyone,

    Long time, no messages. They were very busy three recent months. Cossacks IT actively participated in events and building communities.

    1. First, in January, Jennifer Roberts from and me organized her workshop on Cross-cultural communications, both in Kiev and in Lviv.



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  • Communication between cultures – is it still important in the era of Google and Big Data?


    Hi all,

    Today is time for another story and this time it is going to be about communication.

    Jennifer Roberts and me are organizing a couple of her workshops here in Ukraine. And the main topic there is communication. I am excited to market that event, because I actually think this is almost the most important thing in business.

    Yes, it is an old, well-tried, but still very actual phrase, that people speak to people, work with people, conclude agreements with people, make stunning projects with people, pay money to each other for the work they like and experiences they enjoy sharing. So yes, communication is really the key. We think we make decisions with our logic. (more…)

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  • The Report about Software Development in Ukraine: “Rise of Technology Nation” is finally published!

    Good day and good news today

    Big event happened in Ukrainian IT a couple of days ago, when the comprehensive 210 pages report “Ukraine. Rise of Technology Nation” was issued by a group of companies about Ukrainian IT . More convenient for reading PDF version you can find following this link. Most interesting slides from there are below.


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  • Cossacks IT – co-organizers of IT Outsourcing Conference in Kiev

    Hey, it’s been a while since I posted here last time. Sorry, so much was going on.

    Most important event was, probably, the IT Outsourcing Conference Outsource People, held here in Kiev. Cossacks IT was one of the organizers (or, rather, me as its owner).

    This year we have gathered more than 600 visitors, had several very interesting international speakers and had a lot of fun during the event.

    The video of how it all was you can watch here: (more…)

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