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Nataly Veremeeva


My name is Nataly Veremeeva and I know how to get the best out of IT outsourcing.
Over the last 15 years, I’ve been working in the outsourcing business here in Ukraine. By this, I developed a rich network of Ukrainian software companies and understanding of the needs of international businesses around the world.
I believe this independent experienced unbiassed position of mine will help companies from the outside make right decisions here in Ukraine.

Why we are useful for you:

  • Insider view. We look beyond the sales materials and know what each company is really worth;
  • Low risks. We lower your risks of mismatch and increase your chances of success;
  • Priority to innovation. We focus on working with innovative mature companies;
  • Reliable partners. We work only with those who proved to be a reliable partner.

Why us?

  • Experience: We have been working in this sphere since 2005, involved in all stages of IT outsourcing – You benefit from that experience.
  • ConnectionsWe have connections with top management of software companies all over Ukraine. This means you have a wide choice of trusted providers with valuable insights about each company’s strengths, track records and capabilities.
  • Methodology: Based on our experience, we will help you build the development processes right, as well as guide you in terms of cultural benchmarks, working culture and help you plan for success and reduce risk with your development partner.
  • Free of charge: It is free for you, we have partnership agreements with trusted companies. So – unbiased advice and no extra charges.

Access to unique specialization:

  • Company, developing banking software
    Company, providing IT teams with deep specialization (22+ years) in banking sphere (.NET/C#, load/stress testing).
  • Company, specializing in stress testing
    Company, specializing in stress testing and load testing of heavy weight business critical systems, including banks
  • Company specializing on DMS systems
    Document management professionals, 1C, SharePoint and Documentum specialists, doing complex enterprise projects for corporate clients
  • Mobile geeks
    A team of mobile geeks with great passion to what they do
  • Geospatial Java professionals
    Java top professionals with exotic and deep experience in Modelling & Simulation, Desktop и Geospatial
  • Best full-cycle company, great realizer of ideas for start-ups
    PHP and Mobile teams with great experience in developing startups, mature CTO and CEO working as advisers in startup incubators.
  • PHP + ERP and Video
    A team with big experience in serious PHP systems with integrations to ERP systems, heavy video and graphics
  • .Net boutique
    Bright .NET boutique, managed by people with rich experience of work in international corporations
  • Ruby, RoR, Java gurus
    Ruby, RoR, Java and Scala gurus, masters of XP programming and flawless project management
  • Animation company, doing great cartoons
    Talented teams of game designers, animators, 3d modellers, all related to graphical part of game development and cartoons
  • PHP team with connections in Silicon Valley
    PHP team with experience of almost all known PHP frameworks and attracting CTOs of Silicon Valley as project consultants

Other technologies

  • Dot .NET
  • JavaScript (JS)
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Magento
  • HTML5
  • Windows Embedded
  • Python
  • C++ (C Plus Plus)
  • Games
  • Share Point
  • e-commerce
  • Java
  • Testing
  • 3D Design
  • Mobile
  • Animation
  • Design
Some unique skills? I will turn upside down the whole Ukraine,
but find you the right guys ;-)


  • Manfredi Petruso
    Manfredi Petruso
    "Cossacks helped us when we were looking for specific expertise we could not easily find on the market. The team, managed by Nataly, was the right solution at that time and gave us the opportunity reach the project goal in requested time."
    Hans de Graaf
    Hans de Graaf
    "I know Nataly since 2007 and since then we have a very good business relationship. She helped us not only by getting the resources for several one-off projects but also helped in starting our own Donetsk office. We are not doing day to day business but still helping each other when needed. This is because we have built a very trustful relationship and that is what really matters when doing remote business."
    Bill Skullman
    Bill Skullman
    "Nataly has been a reliable contact for me in finding and maintaining good relations with software developers in Ukraine. Her contact and approach is both professional and friendly and I would highly recommend her services to others!"

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