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  • 1 workshop, 2 conferences, 1 new community and videoblog: concentrated news from Cossacks IT.


    Hi everyone,

    Long time, no messages. They were very busy three recent months. Cossacks IT actively participated in events and building communities.

    1. First, in January, Jennifer Roberts from and me organized her workshop on Cross-cultural communications, both in Kiev and in Lviv.


    The workshop lasted two days in each location and was a big success. For Ukrainians it was very useful to find out from a native American the details and nuances of doing business with her native country. She told about the roots of American culture, why Americans have approach to business both individual and at the same time strong feeling of a community, how important it is to deliver and exceed expectations. The participants trained to write e-mails, communicate with different energy levels and a lot of other things.

    Some photos from this event:

    IMG_5476 IMG_5484 IMG_5519 IMG_5521 IMG_5466

    IMG_5764 IMG_5727 IMG_5665 IMG_5645 IMG_5767And some feedback from participants:,,,


    2. After taking some rest Cossacks were busy doing a little bit of a social responsibility project – helped to organize a TIM: Tech & Solutions conference

    The idea of the conference was to gather together IT directors of local IT companies and out exporters, outsourcing companies. The thing is that in Ukraine there is a very powerful outsourcing community, working with western clients, and very small and quite undeveloped local IT market. And the task was to bring these two worlds together and make sure they start speaking and hearing each other, thus developing some cooperation.

    We have invited great speakers, who pronounced very important ideas from the stage, the lively dialogue started and so it looks like this part was a success. Not that much of outsourcers came, who traditionally are quite skeptical about local market, but we believe that we made a good start and later the interest in R&D for national IT economy will only grow.

    Some photos from there:

    12891023_10208181798836191_6405260904020952263_o 12898185_10208181763395305_2536645415185708691_o 12909663_10208181699713713_4022161511629633765_o 12916175_10208181815716613_7784463565156921917_o 12916964_10208181581990770_3292505400721587240_o

    First time I was on a conference in a real night club! It was quite special )

    3. Later Cossacks were engaged into helping with organization of Outsource People in Minsk ( It is a great initiative, whose aim is to bring our culture of building communities and sharing knowledge to our close neighbor, Belarus. We hope this initiative will be a starting point of developing an outsourcing community there as well.

    4. Speaking about communities, I am happy to share one more achievement of ours. Me, Nataly Veremeeva, the founder of Cossacks IT, became a moderator of the local Kiev IT Sales Club. There are already around 130 people in there by now and the community is growing. We have two meetings already, with several talks in each. And they were big fun. I feel the hunger for communication among representatives of this young profession of IT Sales, and a lot of interesting people, who are a part of it.

    12132478_10153619673524200_5101124583215433973_o12672092_10153619673794200_3258942356039990545_o (1)
    12901430_10153619672354200_3148493954764270965_o 12916283_10153619672264200_5841439418021655636_o 12924606_10208178668277929_5451151060479678645_nWhat is next? We are starting a videoblog.

    I want to be your eyes and make a full impression of you visiting the companies. True, sometimes to understand what the company is about, it is very nice to make a visit, to get a “feel” about it. Now you can save your money on a flight, I will be your eyes and your legs.

    I have recorded already the video with the first company, will publish it soon.

    Also, we with Jennifer Roberts and Hugo Messer from Ekipa already planning to have our next event in June Subscribe here not to miss it!


    Always  yours,

    Nataly Veremeeva