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Year: 2016

  • Matchmaking companies in Ukraine and beyond

    Hi everyone. Long time no speak, and probably it is a good idea to tell you what we are here at Cossacks IT are busy with.

    First, almost a couple of months ago there was a great event, Outsource People, in which Cossacks IT also took part. This time we engaged into a project of Matchmaking, aiming at attracting foreign visitors to our conference. We established partnerships with Finnish, Danish, Swedish, German, Dutch, American companies to promote this event locally, and a half-a-year job was done. It resulted in not so many visitors from abroad, probably because conference on IT outsourcing is not a powerful enough stimulus to come to Ukraine. The conference was great, however, it is really a gathering event for our local IT community. And next time I am sure it will also become more interesting also for our foreign guests.

    My husband was playing Gandalf. Since he is a fan of Lord of the Rings, it was a lot of fun for him. Marco is a Dutchman, who is providing English lessons and introduction to European mentality for local IT teams in Kiev. So, no more words, just photos: (more…)

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  • Flying Dutchman – English courses for IT Teams

    Cossacks IT is proud to introduce our partner, EU native, Marco Koonings, who provides insights into European culture and inspires fluency and ease when speaking to your international clients.Marco Koonings English Teacher Native Speaker Kiev 2

    What we offer:

    Removing psychological speaking barriers. Almost all IT guys read and write English, but are shy to speak. Through our fun and easy-going conversations we learn how to overcome this.

    Learning more about other cultures. I am Dutch, a EU citizen, with great experience of cultures around the world. And I am happy to share.

    –  Team building through English speaking classes. People get closer by sharing ideas and discussing various topics that are not related to the immediate project needs.

    FUN. Great fun while sharing ideas and learning to express yourself in another language guaranteed.

    About Marco: (more…)

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  • BDMSummit in Kiev tomorrow – let’s go?

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    We all are solving one and the same problem – reaching external markets, making ourselves heard, selling our services and solutions. Sometimes it is nice to gather together – to learn some new tips, interact, see each other and share our knowledge.

    Tomorrow in Kiev there will be a conference BDMSummit (

    For whom?

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  • Where do YOU want to be in the next decade?


    workshop promo3 JUNE, KYIV

    Speaker: Hugo Messer

    Remote team expert, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

    A couple of words about Hugo:

    • Hugo Messer has been building and managing teams around the world for over 10 years.
    • He is the owner of Bridge Global, a global software powerhouse and the founder of, the global marketplace for software teams.
    • He wrote 6 books about managing distributed teams.
    • His passion is to enable cooperation between people from different cultures, geography and time zones.


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  • 1 workshop, 2 conferences, 1 new community and videoblog: concentrated news from Cossacks IT.

    Hi everyone,

    Long time, no messages. They were very busy three recent months. Cossacks IT actively participated in events and building communities.

    1. First, in January, Jennifer Roberts from and me organized her workshop on Cross-cultural communications, both in Kiev and in Lviv.



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