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    In 2018, the British company Emerging Europe organizes a new IT-focused event: Sourcing in Emerging Europe.

    Emerging Europe2

    Unique results-oriented format thanks to a well-thought-out action plan:

    1. Information wave.

    • Sourcing in Emerging Europe collects valuable ideas and ideas from public opinion leaders.
    • Dispatched online (40,000 copies sent by decision makers);
    • Printed and distributed by paper versions (4,000 copies are distributed at conferences and sent by mail to various companies and institutions in the UK, Scandinavia, and Germany).
    1. Own event. The schedule:
    • Day 1. Workshops for a better understanding of markets, culture, goals of their buyers and preparations for the second day of communication.
    • [add-on] Innovation Sandbox Workshop, up to 6 suppliers (only Headliner, Ambassador and Influencer packages) and 3 major buyers. The purpose of this workshop is to exchange ideas and establish a reliable relationship.
    • Day 2. Own conference.

    Over 200 participants for each of the two conferences – in London in March 2018 and in Copenhagen in October 2018.

    Real networking, to which Emerging Europe has been preparing the audience for the first publication and the spin of public interest.


    Participation options:

    • Participation only on the second day – 995 pounds sterling;
    • Participation in two days – 1295 pounds sterling;

    Sponsorship packages:

    • Exhibitor- 6000 pounds sterling

    (2 tickets and a stand)

    • Influencer – 12,000 pounds sterling

    (+ citations in the article, Lead Generation through the promo company during the registration of participants, participants can request a meeting, the company also receives a list of participants and can invite meetings themselves, as well as invite their cold contacts to the conference for the heating of ice, the Proud Sponsor logo, quotes representative company in video event, branding of 1 session and the opportunity to speak, 1 place for VIP parties, advertising of the company on a half page in the magazine, a logo on the screens of the conference sections, the ability to put brochures on the venues, consultation on the preparation of materials)

    • Ambassador – £ 18,000

    (+ 3 tickets, bigger stand, interview with an expert of the company, expert mentioned in the letter of the editor, the company is given a personal metchmeyker – a person who will know the participants in the person and get acquainted with the right people, participate in the plenary discussion, interview video with the company’s representative in post-video, mailing after the event to all participants, branding of the plenary session and the opportunity to speak on it, promotional materials in the package of the participant, the badge logo and the back of the package of the participant, 1 page under the company’s advertising in the magazine, the logo on the screens of captivity tion sessions, brochures for local actors plenary session)

    • Headliner – £ 26,000

    (+ 5 tickets, an analytical article about your company, region or other topic of your choice, the company sponsoring the conference and present in all communications, 4 weeks – your great banner on the main page of the portal Emerging Europe, the only sponsor of the cocktail reception with the ability to speak on receptions, logo on badges, branding of the company on the front page of the package, 2 pages under the company’s advertising in print version, logo on the screens as a plenary session, and ordinary, 2 people from the company at VIP-party).

    • If you buy a sponsorship package for two conferences (both London and Copenhagen) – a 20% discount.


    Why it matters:

    • 70% of UK buyers indicated that within the next 18 months, changes would be made to their existing portfolio of key service providers.
    • 44% of Nordic Market companies said that they plan to transfer more outsourcing tasks.
    • Companies are ready to look for an alternative to suppliers from India.

    Perfect time for companies and communities from Emerging Europe to strengthen their position.


    Examples of Emerging Europe Audiences:

    Ashurst, Avangard Leasing, Balkan Petroleum Holding, Balkan Real Estate, Banca IMI, Bank Moscow-Minsk, Barclays Wealth, BBC Worldwide, Bloomberg, BNK, British Land, British Petroleum, Capital Times, CBRE, Citibank, Clifford Chance, CloudEmployee, COBCOE , Control Risks, Convergys, Credit Suisse International, Currency UK, Cushman & Wakefield, Debtwire, Deloitte, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Economist Intelligence Unit, Erste Group, European Commission, Faegre Baker Daniels, Financial Times, Fitch Ratings, GDF Suez Energy , Goldman Sachs, Group Tree, IFC, Immofinanz, Hellenic Petroleum, Lukoil, Morgan Stanley, MPC Properties, Osborne Clarke, Pfisterer Holding, PMi Consult, PwC, RBS, RELX, Renaissance Finance International, Skanska, TechUK, Tungsten Capital, UBS, Unicredit, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Warsaw Stock Exchange, Zurich Credit and Xoomworks.


    More detailed information at the link:

    Sourcing in Emerging Europe – offer for IT Companies, Clusters, Hi-Tech parks, Associations, Cities and Regions

    Contact details for the Ukrainian, Georgian, Moldovan markets and markets of the Baltic countries:

    Natalia Veremeeva

    Mobile: +380501700155


    For all questions, call/write me.


    P.S. An extra chance to save: by October 31, Emerging Europe offers a 5% discount on all packages.