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  • Communication between cultures – is it still important in the era of Google and Big Data?


    Hi all,

    Today is time for another story and this time it is going to be about communication.

    Jennifer Roberts and me are organizing a couple of her workshops here in Ukraine. And the main topic there is communication. I am excited to market that event, because I actually think this is almost the most important thing in business.

    Yes, it is an old, well-tried, but still very actual phrase, that people speak to people, work with people, conclude agreements with people, make stunning projects with people, pay money to each other for the work they like and experiences they enjoy sharing. So yes, communication is really the key. We think we make decisions with our logic. (more…)

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  • The Report about Software Development in Ukraine: “Rise of Technology Nation” is finally published!

    Good day and good news today

    Big event happened in Ukrainian IT a couple of days ago, when the comprehensive 210 pages report “Ukraine. Rise of Technology Nation” was issued by a group of companies about Ukrainian IT . More convenient for reading PDF version you can find following this link. Most interesting slides from there are below.


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  • Cossacks IT – co-organizers of IT Outsourcing Conference in Kiev

    Hey, it’s been a while since I posted here last time. Sorry, so much was going on.

    Most important event was, probably, the IT Outsourcing Conference Outsource People, held here in Kiev. Cossacks IT was one of the organizers (or, rather, me as its owner).

    This year we have gathered more than 600 visitors, had several very interesting international speakers and had a lot of fun during the event.

    The video of how it all was you can watch here: (more…)

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  • Some features of national character of Ukrainians

    Article about Ukrainian character.

    It took me some time to get ready to speak about this topic. Being inside the system, it is very difficult to see the system. Fortunately, I spoke with quite a number of people from outside and recent events also helped me grow understanding who are Ukrainians, how we are different from other nations and what it takes to do business with us.

    So here is the analysis based on my feelings and understanding: (more…)

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  • About Ukraine: a bit of history and current situation
    Where Ukraine is located on the map of Europe

    Hi again,

    It is time for the first article in my blog. And first thing I want to speak about is Ukraine itself, where it comes from, what is its history and current situation. I will keep it short and very simple, for those of you, who want to have an overview. This overview is my personal opinion, which can differ from other visions. If you want to make your own opinion and dig deeper, you can find more detailed list of resources about the history of Ukraine at the end of this article. (more…)

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  • Introduction
    Outsourcing to Ukrane made easy

    Hi there and welcome to my blog.

    As you probably already know, my name is Nataly Veremeeva and I am the specialist in IT outsourcing. In this blog I will speak about my experience, about outsourcing, about Ukraine and anything I believe would be of interest to you when you start considering outsourcing part of your business to another country with lower costs, which is, in our case, Ukraine.

    So sign up, stay tuned and don’t miss the next post in this blog!

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