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  • Flying Dutchman – English courses for IT Teams


    Cossacks IT is proud to introduce our partner, EU native, Marco Koonings, who provides insights into European culture and inspires fluency and ease when speaking to your international clients.Marco Koonings English Teacher Native Speaker Kiev 2

    What we offer:

    Removing psychological speaking barriers. Almost all IT guys read and write English, but are shy to speak. Through our fun and easy-going conversations we learn how to overcome this.

    Learning more about other cultures. I am Dutch, a EU citizen, with great experience of cultures around the world. And I am happy to share.

    –  Team building through English speaking classes. People get closer by sharing ideas and discussing various topics that are not related to the immediate project needs.

    FUN. Great fun while sharing ideas and learning to express yourself in another language guaranteed.

    About Marco:

    Marco Koonings | Flying Dutchman. English TeacherI am an all-round teacher and have been teaching on 2 continents, in 7 different languages. My main focus has been on movement. This in the form of karate, kickboxing, gymnastics, self-defense and since last 4 years, I have been focusing on languages.

    I fluently speak 4 languages: Dutch, German, English, and Danish. I understand Swedish and Norwegian and have a very basic knowledge of Russian, French, Vietnamese and Japanese.

    I see language as an organic, fluent, living substance, thatneeds to be approached from every corner. This by  4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking whereas speaking for the majority is the most challenging. Therefore, as a teacher, you also must be well-aware of this. And give your students a good example and plenty of time to reach their aims. You as a teacher are the guide along this path. You need to approach this with a great love and attention.

    Through my travels, I got in contact with different cultures, and I strongly believe that this gives me the cutting edge to be somebody very valuable in this process of giving persons the possibility to learn. And this by any means for many cultures, religions, ages and personalities.

    Call me to discuss how I can help your team speak better English in a more relaxed way.


    Mobile: +38 098 099 15 26
    E-mail: mmwkoonings(at)
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    Marco Koonings English Teacher Native Speaker Kiev