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  • IT Crusade from Ukraine to London for Clients – Open for Applications!


    Attention, there is an unprecedented campaign on PR of Ukraine in the UK. You have the chance to take part in it too!

    Emerging Europe

    Emerging Europe company together with the Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Global Sourcing Association:

    1. Gathers more than 50 experts, who will write expert articles about Ukraine whole 3 (!) months! They are already busy, you can read some here: The result is an increased interest in the country. Experience shows that with such an information wave even normal newspapers and magazines start writing about the country in focus. Great chance to discuss not war and corruption but real business opportunities.
    2. Publishes these articles in a glossy magazine (with an online version) and sends all this beauty to the leading companies in the UK!
    3. Organizes a conference in Ukraine for politics and big business of all spheres. Strategic things and really big projects will be discussed there.
    4. And the icing on the cake! At the end of the series of events, there will be a networking seminar on IT Outsourcing in Ukraine.

    Global Sourcing association will organize an e-mail campaign directed to its audience of tens of thousands of subscribers and guarantees not less than 40 companies from the UK, which are interested in:

    • IT
    • Outsourcing
    • Ukraine

    If you ever pictured yourself an ideal client, then they probably looked like the visitors of this event.

    And all this magnificence are available for participation – be mentioned in articles and the magazine, publish an interview with the company founder, add a brochure to the packet of participants, come in person and conduct meetings on a networking seminar, get LISTS of participants of this event BEFOREHAND and appoint meetings and many many more.

    To participate you need to:

    Remember, that the articles are already being written, flight tickets are getting more expensive every day and it takes time to get visas.

    So please write today and see you in London!

    Yours truthfully,