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  • Rebranding, the organization of a UK event, an English Outlook about Ukraine and other updates


    Cossacks IT are mastering new areas – country PR and events on external markets. This time we are partnering with Emerging Europe and helping in the preparation of Outlook about Ukraine (Printed and Online versions) and an event networking seminar – meeting of Ukrainian IT companies with local businesses.

    It was a great ride of more than 3 months of preparation, communication with companies and experts. We were responsible for gathering a group of Ukrainian companies for the event. The event is next week, I will get back to you with my impressions and photos.

    We also did rebranding for the event. Or, rather, extra branding, creating new banners, leaflets and, most importantly, our new company mascot!

    Please meet, IT Cossack, the right choice.

    Proactive and innovative. Dynamic and responsible. Honest and easy-going. Real IT Hero.

    Ukrainain IT CossackA leaflet:

    Cossacks IT - Smart Ukrainian Outsourcing



















    And a banner:

    Cossacks IT Banner














    Do you like it? Please let me know in comments.

    By the way, 2 more exciting events are going to happen within next weeks, which we will attend. It is adorable The Next Web in Amsterdam, starting already tomorrow (we can’t wait!), and also an exciting event in Kyiv right after London Seminar. It is KIOF, Kyiv Outsourcing Forum, 26-27 of May, one of the noticeable events in the life of a local Ukrainian IT community. Next post will be all about the impression of the three different events, all in different places and all united by one thing – information technologies.

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    Sincerely yours,
    Nataly Veremeeva