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  • Get large projects from target markets

    In 2018, the British company Emerging Europe organizes a new IT-focused event: Sourcing in Emerging Europe.

    Emerging Europe2

    Unique results-oriented format thanks to a well-thought-out action plan:

    1. Information wave.


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  • Reaching UK and Nordic Markets

    Hi everyone,

    As you know, I am the partner of Emerging Europe, a UK company, who is helping to build business bridges between countries of UK, Scandinavia and Germany and countries of Emerging Europe (i.e. Central and Eastern Europe).


    I am reaching you out to tell about a new and exciting opportunity for your companies, your regions, business communities, clusters and technological parks.

    Emerging Europe is organizing a new event, focused on IT: Sourcing in the Emerging Europe.

    And you have a unique possibility to get noticed and find new partners from very high level companies, which are regular participants of their events. (more…)

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