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  • Ways to enter UK, Scandinavian and Dutch markets – now open


    Hi everone,

    Long time no speak. Updates from my side.

    I did go to The Next Web. It was all awesome, I loved the talks from the Innovation location. And the closing party – it had its spirit and it is so inspiring to have fun in a company of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.


    The biggest treasure of my visit to Holland, though, is a new business connection and a new partnership.

    I became the Country Lead for Grow, the Dutch platform for IT companies, who want to enter that market. More about it here: and here

    If you want to start the validation process, register for it here:

    I didn’t manage to go to London, though, because UK agency made a positive decision about my visa, but…forgot to put it in my passport. They did so several months later, but too late for me to attend the event. I was told it was awesome, though. Here is the video from it: ( the third one).

    Right now the Emerging Europe is preparing the next two big events for the whole export-oriented companies from Central and Eastern European Countries. One will be in March 2018 in London. And the second – in autumn 2018 in Copenhagen. Both – to help companies, tech parks, Clusters, Associations and other communities make new connections on the Scandinavian and UK markets. If you want to join – please write me. I am responsible for gathering companies, clusters, associations, regional municipalities from Baltic Countries, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia. More details here:

    Kyiv Outsourcing Forum was good, as well as plenty other events happening this summer. Among them was also the workshop on IT Sales which I co-organized with adorable charismatic Manuel De Vits


    And several events I organized for Kyiv IT Cluster (below) among which the most successful was the event on Bitcoins, that was even shown on a specialized resource: and


    And, of course, the meetings of IT Sales Club, which I moderate, become more and more fun:


    Next big event now is the Outsource People Conference, that will be already next week.

    A lot of my time is currently dedicated to growing Kyiv IT Cluster community. Here you can read more about it and register to become a member:

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    As part of the organizational team of Kiev IT Cluster, we visited a Cluster Matchmaking event in Stuttgart It was a breakthrough in the understanding of how to build a community. And a lot of connections.

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    Ah, and yes, I finally got my MBA degree. I am part of this program and so right now I am on a mission of making this country a better place.


    For any other questions feel free to write me. Though I am not a frequent poster, I am a good answerer.


    Nataly Veremeeva